Map & Itenerary

Day 1

Transfer from airport to ship for lunch
followed by exploration of a selection of
the 3000 plus Pagan monuments by
bicycle or coach.

Embarkation Details:
Embarkation – Pagan Ayar Hotel Jetty at 11.30 am
Transfer – Transfer from Pagan/ Mandalay airport to ship on the day of embarkation will be provided. Please note that it takes approximately 3.5 hours by drive for transfer from Mandalay airport to ship (Pagan) for embarkation.

Day 2

Further explorations of Pagan and visits to a lacquer workshop.

Day 3

We are visiting the local market and town center by Tuk Tuk.

Day 4

Morning walk through Yandabo villiage, famous for its production of terrocotta pottery from the river bank clay. In the afternoon we are cruising up north towards Mandalay.

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